CLOSED: Citizen Espresso Bar in Phoenix

Summer in Phoenix isn't just rough on restaurants; coffee houses struggle, too. And as of last week, one of them has permanently shut its doors.

Citizen Espresso Bar, located on Central Avenue just south of Camelback, opened its doors last February in the former home of Lola Coffee. The java shop, "where coffee, food, art, music, and community meet," featured locally roasted beans, teas, and an assortment of baked goods along with events such as art shows, book-signings, and live entertainment.

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Citizen got off to a rocky start when, just two months after opening, manager Tiffany Dew (who previously worked at Lola's), publicly quit the coffee bar via a heated post on the company's Facebook page, where she accused Sherry Dew, Citizen's owner and Tiffany's mom, of forcing her to leave. Sherry responded soon thereafter.

According to the website Arizona Coffee, Tiffany came back to Citizen in October of 2012, tweeting, "I just wanted to let you know that I am back at Citizen Espresso Bar and we all are moving forward."

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