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Closed for Business: Pure Sushi South

If you're thinking about stopping by for some nigiri at Pure Sushi at the Scottsdale Civic Plaza, don't be surprised to find this notice from the county on the doors. The restaurant closed unexpectedly last week, when the restaurant owners vacated the premises.

The Maricopa County Environmental Services Department hasn't updated its records database with the specifics yet (there is a review process that must take place first). However, a records management representative from the department confirmed that Pure's owners had moved out without informing the landlord, and left some food behind. The electricity had been shut off, and the county received two complaints on Friday, which prompted the notices that were posted. 

The interesting twist to all of this is that as of this past August, Pure Sushi North is no longer affiliated with Pure South -- while the two restaurants had identical menus, the founders of both locations sold their stake in Pure North to one of their silent investors, Ed Parker, who is now the majority owner in Pure North. Representatives from Pure Sushi North tell me that they've been inundated with calls from customers and even former employees of Pure Sushi South, who are confused about what's going on.

My calls to Pure Sushi South have gone unanswered, and there is no voicemail.

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Michele Laudig
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