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Wine Battle 2011
Why did you make us wait so long, Cork? It's been almost a year but Cork has finally announced their next wine dinner. It's a battle of the Pinot Noirs August 29th at Chandler's Four Diamond Award winning Cork. Dinner will feature five-courses, each of which will be paired with two different wines (except dessert, you only get one). Valley of the Sun Fine Wine's Pat Jasmin will walk the 50 lucky guests though the pairings and at the end of the meal the guests will decide which wine paired best with each course. This event will sell out so if you want to go don't wait too long to get your tickets ($120++ per person). Check out the menu and then call 480-883-3773 to save your spot.

Cork's 2011 Wine Dinner and Gourmet Banana Pudding in Today's Eater's Digest

The Best Banana Pudding
Can a James Beard recognized chef make a better banana pudding then your grandma? You bet your sweet ass he can. Denver-based chef Alex Seidel's not only roasts his banana but he adds banana liqueur. Bet Grams never made puddin' like that! Check out the recipe here.

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