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December Restaurant D-List: 2020 Resolution? More Hand-Washing

Virtu Honest Craft in Scottsdale.
Virtu Honest Craft in Scottsdale. Evie Carpenter
Every week, the Maricopa County Environmental Services Department grades restaurants after completing routine health inspections. A D grade means the establishment has committed three or more "priority item" violations (which can directly contribute to increasing the risk of foodborne illness or injury, according to the MCESD) or four or more "priority foundation item" violations (which are indirect). At the beginning of each month, New Times rounds up the restaurants that received a D grade the previous month and excerpts hand-picked observations from the weekly reports, listed below.

Virtu Honest Craft

3701 North Marshall Way, Scottsdale

“Observed raw duck leg stored above raw pork in the outside walk-in refrigerator, discussed food storage chart with the manager, manager moved the raw duck leg to the bottom shelf.”

“Bottle of Excedrin stored on counter with food containers and utensils. Manager removed medicine to proper storage.”

Isabel’s Amor

1490 East Williams Field Road, #101, Gilbert

“Observed employee with gloves on handling personal cell phone and then working with open foods. Had employee remove gloves and wash hands.”

“Observed window cleaner and degreaser in spray bottles stored hanging on rack in bar next to and above clean utensils. Discontinue this practice.”

Wendy’s No. 2171

15416 North Pima Road, Scottsdale

“Observed an employee touch raw chicken with a single glove on their hand. The employee then removed the glove and touched a spatula for raw beef and a wiping cloth in sanitizer solution with the contaminated hand. The employee used the wiping cloth to clean a nearby counter.”

“Observed an employee wash their hands for approximately 3 seconds after touching raw ground beef. The employee then dried their hands and attempted to return to the cook line.”

New Times Archives

Joe’s New York Pizza

7321 East Shoeman Lane, Scottsdale

“Observed a container of raw chicken being stored in the reach-in on the shelf above cooked chicken wings. Observed a carton of dozen raw shell eggs in walk-in on top shelf above cooked pasta, ready-to-eat sauces, cheeses, and ready-to-eat deli meats.”

“Observed vegetable peelers and large tomato slicer being stored as clean on shelving unit with dried accumulated organic debris resembling tomato skin and seeds.”

Three Wisemen

7323 East Shoeman Lane, Scottsdale

“Observed containers of garlic parmesan dressing/dip and cooked black beans in walk-in with date marks reading 11/26 and 11/24, respectively. All cold-held TCS foods shall be kept for no longer that 7 days; after this time the items shall be discarded.”

“Observed chopped lettuce (in walk-in) and sliced ham (in reach in cooler on cook line) without date marks.”

Dragon Express

1125 West Baseline Road, #1, Mesa

“Observed employee handling raw chicken with over glove, remove it with other hand then handle fryer equipment without removing gloves and washing hands.”

“Observed employee cutting lettuce bare handed. Lettuce was being cut for garnish that comes in direct contact with crab puffs.”

click to enlarge BENJAMIN LEATHERMAN
Benjamin Leatherman

Casa Amigos

7340 East Indian Plaza, Scottsdale

“Observed employee in dish-pit handling clean dishes/equipment after handling dirty dishes. Employees are to wash hands after handling soiled equipment and before handling clean equipment.”

“Observed the handwash sink at the north bar downstairs filled with various pieces of garbage. Observed hand sink in dish-pit with food debris and garbage in the basin.”

China Way Restaurant

3021 North Alma School Road, #1, Chandler

“Observed employee dispense bleach for sanitizing then handle equipment for removing chicken from deep fryer without washing hands. Hands must be washed after handling chemicals and before handling food, food contact surfaces, clean equipment, utensils and single-service items to prevent contamination.”

“Observed broken and damaged tiles at edge of wall at wok line. Person in charge will repair prior to next routine inspection.”

Mariscos Bahia De Guaymas

4220 South 16th Street

“Observed uncovered raw fish ceviche above soft drinks and salsa in the walk in.”

“Observed open bucket of fish sitting on the floor of the walk-in. Had the PIC move the fish on to the shelf so that it could be properly stored.”

Jackie Mercandetti Photo

The Clarendon Hotel & Spa

401 West Clarendon Avenue

“Observed employee grab visibly soiled sprayer in warewashing area, rinse off a spatula, dry spatula on visibly soiled apron, and grab clean utensil from rack with the spatula still in hand.”

“Observed sofritas and cooked pasta in right prep cooler with date stickers from 11/29 and 12/2, respectively. Date of inspection is 12/10.”

Taco Feliz Mexican Food

925 West Dobbins Road

“Two boxes of moldy strawberries and a package of moldy cheese were found in a box with limes. Per PIC, the strawberries are not used at the establishment, but the cheese is.”

“No date marks were observed on any food items in the walk-in. Per PIC, containers of cooked chicken, shredded beef and rellenos were made three days prior to inspection. PIC placed date marks on these items at time of inspection.”

Cancun Restaurant

4440 South 19th Avenue

“Several packages of tortillas had holes in them, and the tortillas appeared to have been partially eaten by small rodents.”

“Several pounds of cooked meats were stored in what appeared to be trash bags. No employee was able to determine what kind of bag the food was stored in, and no containers of the bags were available to determine whether they were food-grade or not.”

The Market by Jennifer's

The Market Restaurant + Bar

3603 East Indian School Road, Suite A

“An employee was observed discarding a beverage into the handwashing sink near the dishwashing area. PIC was advised that handwashing sinks are to be used ONLY for handwashing.”

“In the cold holding unit across from the stove there was a container of fresh garlic and oil dated 11/29. PIC was advised that a garlic in oil mixture is required to be discarded within 7 days including the day it is prepped. PIC discarded the mixture at time of inspection.”

RigaTony's Authentic Italian Restaurant

1850 East Warner Road, Tempe

“Observed container of manicotti stored below containers of raw meat pasta and raw seafood. Person in charge moved manicotti at the time of inspection.”

“Observed cloths being used underneath cutting boards. Cloths were observed soiled. Person in charge removed at the time of inspection.”

Yellowtail Sushi and Steak

18255 North 83rd Avenue, Suite B-113, Glendale

“The manager touched the trash and the and handled clean utensils with out first washing his hands.”

“Dry cloths contaminated with food are being used to wipe down food contact surfaces.”

Editor's note: This article has been updated from its original version.
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