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Dos Pink to close its plant-based taqueria on Roosevelt Row

10 months after the restaurant moved into its new home, the owners say stay tuned: ‘This isn't goodbye forever.’
Vegan hotspot Dos Pink opened on Roosevelt Street in February.
Vegan hotspot Dos Pink opened on Roosevelt Street in February. Dos Pink Tacos
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Less than a year after opening, the owners of the vegan Mexican restaurant Dos Pink announced they will leave the bungalow on Roosevelt Street later this month.

Brittany and Shayna Lawber announced in a video post on Instagram that the last day to visit the downtown restaurant is Dec. 23.

"For personal reasons, the property owner of our restaurant has put the restaurant up for sale, so obviously that means we no longer have a restaurant at this location," Brittany said in the video.

The Lawbers opened the plant-based taqueria on Roosevelt Street on Feb. 14 after a stint in the Tempe Food Court. They gave the bungalow fun and cheeky updates, using pops of pink and a neon sign over the fireplace with the slogan #eatmytaco!"
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Dos Pink brought vegan Mexican food to Roosevelt Row. It will close on Dec. 23.
Tirion Boan

Fans of the vegan spot, which offered plant-based versions of familiar favorites like crunchwraps, shared sadness for the loss and support as the owners chart the next chapter.

"Such sad news," Sadie J commented on the Instagram announcement. "Your food is top tier and so are you two. See you elsewhere soon! Proud of you for following that dream and taking the risk and putting everything you have into it."

Before Dos Pink opened in the space, the bungalow housed the Mexican seafood restaurant Ay, Chebela for a matter of weeks before it abruptly closed in November 2022. Before that, it was home to Chez Gregory, a wine bar that closed roughly a year after opening.

Dos Pink encouraged its patrons to continue to come in until Dec. 23. The couple also promised they would pop up at future events, encouraging people to stay tuned to their social media accounts and website.

"This isn't goodbye forever," Shayna said in the video.

Dos Pink

719 E. Roosevelt St.
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