Eddie Matney Turns Up the bin Laden Heat on Facebook

They say politics and romance don't mix, but how about food? Looks like Chef Eddie Matney might have lost a customer or two with his status update this morning on Facebook:

It was the the [sic] policies of Presidents Clinton and Bush that were in place that led up to the killing of Bin laden. If Bush or any President had the opportunity to call for the kill shot... they would have. Obama just happened to be in the White House!

The longtime Valley chef (and owner of Eddie's House in Scottsdale) scored dozens of "likes" with his comment, and more than a few atta boys. But apparently not everyone agrees with Matney's politics:

"Really, Eddie. Thanks for showing us your true colors," one "friend" wrote. And another: "Stick to cooking Eddie."

Ouch. (We'll spare you the super-long diatribes.)

So what did Eddie do? Find out after the jump.

As of early afternoon, Matney hadn't taken down his comment or the responses. But a little after noon, he updated his status:

I should have kept my thoughts to myself, Politics and a Chef do not mix. Back to my life at the restaurant! Have a great day FB friends!

Immediately, a "friend" offered some pretty good advice:

"Remember don't mix religion and politics with anything especially business."

Another pal concluded, "speak your mind, Eddie as those who would wish you do otherwise aren't worthy of being called 'friends' :)"

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.