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Edible Communities Launches an iPhone App with Recipes, Menus and Bonus Organic Gardening Magazine Subscription

The James Beard Award winning collection of regional and seasonal food magazines, Edible Communities, founded by Tracey Ryder and Carole Topalian, has recently launched an iPhone app.

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We've downloaded all $6.99 of it and before you throw a fit over the price, the app does include a 6 issue (1 year) subscription to Organic Gardening magazine, $6 of which can be refunded, if you choose.

The app is sleek and minimalist in design with vibrant food pictures and smart recipes and menus from which to choose. There are 100 recipes in the categories of entrees, sides, desserts, soup and salad, party snacks, and breakfast.

In addition to the recipes, there are 10 curated menus such as the Midwinter Vacation Feast with recipes for Quarkamole, Crispy Citrus Braised Pork, Sirii Tabouli and a Citrus Tart.

After publishing four cookbooks in the past 18 months, Tracey Ryder told us that she thought it was the right move for the company to engage in new media. These folks certainly haven't shied away from new media. Beyond the print magazines, Edible Communities is online and mobile with web, podcasts, Twitter (@ediblestories), etc. -- all of which are all linked to from within the app.

There are plans in the works for more Edible apps including Edible Travel, Edible Institute and more recipes.

To download the app go to Edible Communities on iTunes.

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