Favorite Sunday Brunch Spots in Metro Phoenix

​Just coming out of that Thanksgiving food coma and looking ahead to your next festive meal? Sunday brunch sounds kinda nice. Now you just have to make it through the week. Here are some of our favorites -- including a couple non-traditional list toppers. Feel free to dissent -- and share your own faves -- in the comments. Where do you like to brunch on Sundays?

7. Local Breeze

Set in the historic Cavness House on 4th Avenue and Fillmore in downtown Phoenix, Local Breeze not only beckons our Sunday brunch cravings with all-day breakfast options and portions bigger than our heads, they show some love for our pups and the environment, too. Friendly dogs are welcome and bicycle riders get a 10% discount. Mix that with an enormous and charming patio, fresh baked bread and house-made pastries and there we have ourselves an awesome Sunday Funday.

Find out where else we like to hang on a Sunday morning after the jump.

6. Chelsea's Kitchen
There's a reason Chelsea's Kitchen has become an institution in Arcadia, and one of those many reasons is Sunday brunch. Fabulous sangria, French press coffee, or a reasonably-priced bottle of prosecco is the best way to start. Chelsea's Kitchen is the type of place to laze away midday; this is no quickie breakfast joint. Try the sweet and decadent lemon ricotta hotcakes (woefully undersold on the menu) or some of the all time best chilaquiles we've found in the Valley. And if it's a bit later in the day, there are plenty of salads, sandwiches, pizzas and tacos on the menu to sate any craving.

5. Cafe Monarch
Garden dining on Cafe Monarch's charming patio is just half the charm of this intimate eatery. Don't be discouraged if the only seats to be found are inside, though, because you will be front and center as you watch your Sunday brunch being prepared. But what we like best about Cafe Monarch is that you never know what's on the menu until you show up. You get the choice between sweet or savory. Just make sure your dining companion doesn't double up on the same entree as you, because we guarantee you'll have a hard time deciding between the two. Choose savory like a sun dried tomato and goat cheese egg strata, or go sweet like the lemon curd baked french toast with fresh berries. Then choose from fresh squeezed juice, French press coffee, or a BYOB glass of bubbly to wash it all down.

4. Wandering Horse Buffet
Face it, Talking Stick Resort is about as close as most of us can get to Vegas in this down economy, but that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice all of the Vegas experience. And the Sunday brunch at the Wandering Horse Buffet is as close to the gluttony of the Strip as you're going to get around here, too. Don't shirk at the 26 buck charge, because it's worth it. An indulgent display of seafood, carving stations, made to order omelets, and pastries just start to scratch the surface of the full spread. One thing we can't get enough of? The salmon cured in-house and the fresh prickly pear sorbet. The Sunday brunch isn't nearly as stuffy as the some of the snooty competition either, so they won't glare at you for doubling up on the bacon-wrapped shrimp.

3. Fez on Central
Let's not beat around the brunch; there's a very simple reason Fez may be your new favorite Sunday spot: Champagne mimosas - with fresh orange juice - are only $3. Not just on the third weekend of the month or when the Mimosa Meerkat sees its shadow, but every Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. (along with $3 peach bellinis, bloody marys, and more). From there the menu gets more expensive, but it's still up to the Fez standard of fresh and flavorful fare, with a little something for everyone: If you're not worried about your figure, go with the sweet French Toast a la Fez. If you are, the Best Egg White Omelette You'll Ever Have is no exaggeration. And for that person who just wants a standard breakfast, there's the American Breakfast - with the savory twist of roasted red potatoes and baguette toast.

2. Lo-Lo's Chicken and Waffles
Some would argue that fried chicken and waffles are a dish fit for any day, but for some reason we always end up here on a Sunday, usually after a few too many the night prior. LoLo's follows all the rules for a perfect hangover remedy, and is done in a style that puts the greasy spoon diner to shame. Sugar-spiked sweet tea, deep fried chicken, and a buttery, syrup-drenched waffle is just what the doctor ordered. Or if the bottomless pit in your belly needs urgent filling, snag a Soul Food Platter. Opt for chicken or fish and load up on savory sides like mac n cheese, okra, grits, and collards. Heck, even the chicken gizzards drenched in gravy have our seal of approval. Everything goes down better with a tall glass of Kool-Aid on the side.

1. Phoenix Palace
Champagne and eggs may be standard brunch fare but our weekend go-to is something a bit more exotic, a dim sum feast from Phoenix Palace. Snowy white steamed bbq pork buns, scallop and shrimp rice paper dumplings, eggy custard tarts, crispy duck, coconut buns, congee, and that's doesn't even cover what's on one cart worth of food. So embrace the noisy, boisterous atmosphere of families dining and carts being rolled around the restaurant. Put on a smile and overcome the language barrier. Best thing of all is that most of the dishes are about two bucks, so you do inadvertently end up with tripe or chicken feet give 'em a whirl and then get back to the chow mein and pork gyoza.

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