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FnB Offers Gift Certificates at 50% Off -- Until 6 p.m. Today

Attention, shoppers. FnB is offering gift certificates at 50% off today -- and just today, until 6 p.m., (they just extended the time by an hour), at which point you will be mercilessly cut off -- so get on the horn and call them for the best deal going. 50% off for Veggie Whisperer Charleen Badman's spicy grilled broccoli and creamy leeks, socca and manti. 50% off for Pavle Milic's obsequious service. Who doesn't want that? And the certificates are good for a year.

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Badman and Milic have never ascribed to the coupon clipper mentality. They don't do Grupon or Living Social. But for two years running now, they've done this one-day-only, 50% off gift certificate bonanza. Milic says it's a good way to say "thanks" to their regulars. And this year, they've posted a hilarious video you won't want to miss -- especially if you go to FnB often enough to get all the funny insider references, many full of charming self-ridicule. Check it out here. Then call 480-425-9463 or 707-206-2919. Before 6 o'clock, today, Dog.

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