Get Thirsty: Chef Gabriele Bertaccini Introduces BACCHUS MISCHiEF

MISCHiEF maker and il Tocco chef, Gabriele Bertaccini is at again, and this time, he brought the wine.

BACCHUS MISCHiEF will make its premiere (and already sold-out) appearance at an undisclosed location on July 28. Bertaccini's new event is the new younger sibling of the three-year-old CULINARY MISCHiEF, a roaming underground event that invites 30 guests to enjoy a unique six-course dinner complemented with the right wines in just the right location.

Focusing exclusively on Italian wines, BACCHUS MISCHiEF will continue that same level of nomadic intimacy that we expect from Bertaccini, inviting 12 guests to sample diverse palette of cheeses and 'aperitivi' with wines from various regions of his home country.

This week we caught up with the busy Chef Bertaccini to find out more about his new batch of MISCHiEF:

How do you select the wines for your events?

I always think of what people have not experienced before. Italy has 20 wine regions that are subdivided into 37 sub-regions. Practically every area of the country produces wine. There are some 900,000 registered vineyards and 1,000 documented grape varieties. There is much more than Pinot Grigio and Chianti.

My favorite Italian white wine is...

PECORINO - This is a wonderful, under the radar white wine from Abruzzo! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Honey in color, Pecorino is generally dry, fragrantly infused with flavors that span gooseberry & pine nuts to lychees & tangerines. It's a beautifully light wine that deserves not to be left to the cheese course as it great as an aperitif and with light pasta & fish dishes. Just starting to come out now in the U.S.

A great wine should....

Make me want to open and drink a second bottle of it.

Can you give us a hint as to where this exclusive event will take place?

I can't, otherwise I would take away the exclusivity of it! We really care about finding the right spots for our guests. It is not only the beauty of the space but also how comfortable it feels.

However, I can tell you that the location will be in our beautiful Downtown Phoenix -- think of modern, sleek, beautiful views and comfortable. We want a fresh space, something to contrast the long time traditions of Italian wine making.

What would you like guests to take away from their experience with BACCHUS MISCHiEF?

BACCHUS MISCHiEF is a place where new and old friends come together for a fun afternoon and spend a few hours sipping on the finest wines Italy has to offer. Although we will explain the wines, the wineries, the tasting notes and of course the legends on how many of these wines came to be, we do not want to be a formal program.

This first Bacchus Mischief sold out in less than 24 hours. Will there be another one in the near future?

Yes, we are already planning the next one, which will happen on the third week of August. BACCHUS MISCHiEF will happen every three weeks. For future installments, Bertaccini encourages wine geeks to stay tuned to his il Tocco Foods Facebook page and email [email protected]

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