Haagen-Dazs Tests New Sundaes in Arizona Market

Arizonans have an understandable affinity for all things cold and sweet -- hello, that's a survival mechanism most of the year! -- so it's no surprise that ice cream giant Haagen-Dazs is focusing on our state (along with California, Florida, and New York) to test out a new line called Classic Sundaes.

What's more unusual, though, is how they're soliciting customer feedback on Twitter and Facebook. Who needs focus groups when you can go directly to the people through social media? 

"As the world quickly transitions to a life of social media, we want to be on the forefront of customer service and communication," says Dawn Uremovich, president of Häagen-Dazs Shops.

"We value customer feedback and engagement when deciding on new shop recipes, so it seemed obvious to launch discussions about new products through social media, where customers' opinions can influence desserts featured in Häagen-Dazs shops across the country."

The new treats are variations on a hot fudge sundae, with fudge and whipped cream on all of three. There's the Midnight Classic, with Midnight Cookies and Cream ice cream and crushed chocolate cookies; the Raspberry Classic, with raspberry sorbet and chocolate puffs; and the Coffee Classic, with coffee ice cream and chopped caramelized hazelnuts.

Through February, customers can try the new treats at Haagen-Dazs stores in Arizona Mills and Scottsdale Fashion Square malls, and then leave comments at www.facebook.com//haagendazsshops or tweet feedback at @haagendazsshops


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