In Season: Preserving the Harvest

Whether you're a CSA devotee, a farmers' market weekender or consider ketchup a veg, we'll bring you fresh inspiration for how to prepare our local produce.

This week: Preserving the harvest

Part of being a responsible backyard gardener, CSA member, farmers market supporter is using up what is in season. This is where freezing and canning/jarring skills can come in nice and handy so that when you want to have your orange marmalade and frozen chopped greens for your lasagna in June. When I think of canning or eating out of the freezer I think of little old ladies and freezer burn. That is so not the case anymore.

How all the cool kids are canning and preserving these days after the jump.

There are some really hip resources for you these days. If you're wanting to learn about how to preserve your food (think prociutto, kim chee and applesauce), you can head over to Punk Domestics for some great ideas and techniques. Check out this lemon lavender marmalade recipe I found on via Punk Domestics. Dollop over a buttered english muffin and go straight to heaven.

There is a whole world of canning that I am still learning about myself. Be sure to read lots of recipes (all the way through) before attempting and spending all your money on supplies. Just take a deep breath and just have fun with it. It's only food. If your first or second batch of marmalade bombs, you have a cool set of jars for your next backyard soiree.

You might want to start with a cookbook, here's one that looks fresh and interesting: Canning For A New Generation found at Terrain.

You can find the ultra stylish Weck jars at Heath Ceramics.

If you are venturing into the cooked method rather than freezer method for jams and such, you'll also probably need the tools to lift the heavy filled jars in and out of boiling water. Something like a home canning kit.

You could always check your local kitchenware shop for tools. I've seen jars and such at the big supermarket chain that starts with an FR and ends with a YS. Or just google canning supply and you'll find tons.

Have fun with your new weekend project! Let us know how it goes!

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