Jeni's Influenza Sorbet Is Your Booze-Infused Flu Remedy

Jeni's Influenza Sorbet Is Your Booze-Infused Flu Remedy

Flu season has hit the country hard this year. Chances are you're either hacking up some gross form of the infectious disease into a hankie right now or, thanks to a fever-ridden co-worker who's decided to make today "bring your germs to work day," you will be before long. How 'bout a booze-infused frozen dessert to ease your flu-y pain.

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Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams is hoping you'll say yes. One of the Ohio-based gourmet ice cream company's best-selling winter flavors this year, Jeni's Influenza Sorbet is made with cayenne pepper, ginger, Maker's Mark bourbon, honey, and orange and lemon juices.

Stop. You had us at Maker's Mark.

Of course, Jeni's Influenza Sorbet isn't really a cure for the flu, but founder Jeni Britton Bauer says on the company's website that the ice cream was inspired by a drink her mother and grandmother made for her as a kid (with the whiskey) to help her to feel better before sending her to bed.

Bauer explains to ABC News that her "soothing sorbet with a kick" contains pectin (also found in cough drops), which aids in coating and lubricating the throat.

"It is really delicious," Bauer tells ABC News. "The cayenne doesn't have flavor, it just has the kick, the physical property of the heat, and then all of the other ingredients are just so perfect together. You can just imagine it as a cocktail. A whiskey sour plus ginger."

Just take our money already. (And make sure to wash your hands afterwards.)

Jeni's Influenza Sorbet is available through February and into March at Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream stores in Ohio and Tennessee, as well as online. The cost is $12 a pint.

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