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La Fontanella in Arcadia Has Closed After More Than 30 Years

There must be something in the air this month because in just the last few weeks we've had to say goodbye to quite a few classic Valley restaurants. The most recent casualty: La Fontanella, the more than three decades-old Italian restaurant that served solid, old-school Tuscan cuisine in the Arcadia neighborhood.

According to the restaurant's answering machine message, owner Isabella Mannone-Bertuccio and husband, Berto, will be retiring -- and taking the time "to smell the sea breeze."

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The Arizona Republic reports that the restaurant served its final meals on Saturday, April 12.

The restaurant's answering machine message goes on to say that the location on Indian School Road will be taken over by a new restaurant called The Heist. It will be a second location of the Heist Pizza Parlour chef Aaron May (Over Easy) opened in Tucson late last year. The Tucson restaurant serves pizzas, sandwiches, salads, and pastas.

La Fontanella joins the likes of The House at Secret Garden and The Brooklyn Cafe, which was open for some three decades as Volatire restaurant, to close this week. This comes after the loss of Karsh's Bakery and Havana Cafe in Phoenix, both of which were open for decades in the Valley.

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