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Little Miss BBQ owners to open new restaurant in downtown Phoenix

Here's what to expect at Full Speed Chicken and Ribs, a new concept from the owners of Little Miss BBQ.
Scott and Bekke Holmes, the owners of Little Miss BBQ, are opening a new concept in downtown Phoenix.
Scott and Bekke Holmes, the owners of Little Miss BBQ, are opening a new concept in downtown Phoenix. Chris Malloy
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The owners of Little Miss BBQ are about to open their third location but with a name and menu that will be completely different from the current establishments in their barbecue empire.

Full Speed Chicken and Ribs, a spot that will churn out fried chicken and sweet pork ribs with chef Scott Holmes’ distinctive spins, is set to take over the former Trapp Haus BBQ space on Roosevelt Row.

The estimated opening date is mid-March, Holmes says.

“It’ll be our interpretation of chicken and ribs, and we’re kind of keeping it simple,” Holmes says.

The 1,700-square-foot building will feature a small indoor dining area, a rear patio and a side window where customers can grab chicken, ribs and sandwiches to go on Friday and Saturday nights.

Draft and canned beer, batch cocktails and perhaps a frozen cocktail will compose the alcohol lineup. Wine may also be added.

In addition to fried chicken and ribs, Holmes plans to offer Nashville hot chicken, pulled pork and barbecue chicken. The focus here will be on takeout, Holmes says. The succinct menu was influenced by the restaurant's small kitchen.

“The kitchen is tiny so we want to execute what we can as well as we can,” Holmes says.

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Little Miss BBQ is regularly regarded as the best barbecue in the Valley. The latest project will provide a new challenge.
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A new passion project

The idea for this new concept was born during the pandemic shutdown. While a lot of people were perfecting their sourdough, Holmes set his sights on chicken.

“I always liked fried chicken but was never able to cook it well. I decided I was going to learn,” he says.

He took home the tabletop fryer from one of his restaurants and practiced. Quickly, he was cooking fried chicken four days a week. He also experimented with developing a sweeter pork rib recipe. The seed for Full Speed Chicken and Ribs was planted.

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Full Speed Chicken and Ribs is set to take over the former home of Trapp Haus BBQ on Roosevelt Row.
Trapp Haus BBQ

Change of plans

Last year, Holmes and his wife and business partner Bekke Holmes had planned on opening their third Little Miss BBQ restaurant on Central Avenue just south of Thomas Road in the former Honey Bear’s BBQ space.

But while the mid-century A-frame appealed to Holmes’ affinity for older architecture with all its personality and quirks, the project proved to be too expensive with delays adding to the mounting costs. The duo scrapped the plan and started a new search.

Then a call from friend and fellow chef Aaron Chamberlin ended their quest. Chamberlain’s Taco Chelo sits next to the Trapp Haus BBQ space and when it closed, he called Holmes and told him this could be the perfect opportunity.

“I’d love to be down there,” Holmes recalls of his immediate reaction.

After checking it out in May 2023, the couple took over the space and construction started in December.

All of the equipment is brand new, including a custom M&M smoker from Dallas, meaning that all of the barbecued meats will be smoked onsite.

With old brick walls and an exposed wood ceiling, the building has enough vintage appeal to scratch Holmes’ architectural itch. It also brings him, and his award-winning barbecue, to an area near and dear to the Phoenician's heart.

“I remember going to First Fridays way back when I was in high school. I just saw the growth and excitement and so much going on down there,” Holmes says. “Now, there’s so many amazing spots opening up and it’s exciting to be down there.”

Full Speed Chicken and Ribs

Opening in mid-March
511 E. Roosevelt St.
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