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Mesa's Monsterland Bar & Grill Closing Its Doors

It's time to say good-boo!-eye to Monsterland Bar & Grill, the horror-themed restaurant and nightclub on downtown Mesa's Main Street.

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Originally a two-story haunted house and slasher movie museum that opened in September 2011, Monsterland transformed part of its property into a restaurant, bar, and nightclub last spring. But the idea didn't last. Per an announcement on Facebook and Twitter today, the proprietors of the East Valley attraction said Monsterland will officially close its doors on Saturday, January 19.

Monsterland's Facebook post today was brief, asking fans to join the nightspot for one last costume party:

"Well guys it's been a great ride!! We absolutely love all our fans and appreciate you all supporting us in this AMAZING adventure!! But we regret to inform you all that Monsterland will be closing.

Stay tuned for details on our last HURRAH on Saturday the 19th!

It will of course be a costume party!! We hope to see you there!"

Sister blog Jackalope Ranch reports that, according to folks behind the scenes at Monsterland, the establishment fell victim to financial problems -- especially when the space was updated to include the bar, restaurant, and nightclub portions.

Jackalope Ranch goes on to say that Monsterland's owners don't have any plans to return to strictly a haunted house and that many of the space's props and monsters and its horror movie décor will be sold.

Read the full story of the Monsterland closing on Jackalope Ranch here.

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