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Kevin Smith Is Bringing A Mooby's Restaurant Pop-Up to Phoenix in February

Kevin Smith (left) and Jason Mewes (right), better known as Jay and Silent Bob, at the Mooby's pop-up in L.A.
Kevin Smith (left) and Jason Mewes (right), better known as Jay and Silent Bob, at the Mooby's pop-up in L.A. John Troxell
Kevin Smith fans of the Valley, get psyched: The cult film director, podcaster, and geek icon is bringing a pop-up version of Mooby’s, the fictional fast-food restaurant seen in his movies, to Phoenix in February.

And, yes, there might be chocolate-covered pretzels involved. More on that in a sec.

An announcement by Smith through his official Facebook page on Monday read: “The first @moobyspopup of 2021 opens in PHOENIX, ARIZONA next month! After moooving from L.A., to N.J., to Chicago, to Toronto, and to Minneapolis, the Golden Calf will bring Cow Tippers and Cock Smokers to the Grand Canyon State!”

For those not familiar with the View Askewniverse, the fictional universe in which many of Smith’s films take place, Mooby’s is the cartoonish fast-food chain that pokes fun at joints like McDonald’s and Burger King. It’s previously appeared in such movies as Dogma, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, and Clerks II.

Last year, pop-up versions of the restaurant appeared in L.A., Chicago, and Smith’s home state of New Jersey. Just like the Askewniverse version of Mooby’s, the menu has included such humorously named selections as “Cow Tipper” cheeseburgers (available in both vegan and carnivore form), “Cock Smoker” chicken sandwiches, “Hater Totz” tater tots, and “Onion Rings To Rule Them All.”

Previous Mooby’s pop-ups have also sold a citrus drink called “King of the Juice” and even chocolate-dipped pretzels, which, as most Smith fans know, come from his 1995 comedy Mallrats.

Everything is sold in carry-out form, owing to the pandemic, and the pop-up will utilize a “staggered reservation system” to ensure social distancing. (We’re guessing hand-sanitizing stations will also be available to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and any possible stink palms.)

While the exact menu and other details for the Mooby’s pop-up in Phoenix weren’t announced, Smith said in his Facebook post that such details will be revealed next week.

People can join a mailing list on the Mooby’s pop-up website dot com for early access to tickets, reservations, and other information.
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