National Sugar Cookie Day: A Cocktail Recipe for Boozehounds

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As much as we loathe these "National" days, our more festive side decided that if we can't beat the National game, we might as well join it. And what better way to join the infestation of silly Facebook posts today than to bring a sugar cookie cocktail to the table?

It is National Sugar Cookie Day, after all.

We decided to drop by one of our favorite bars, Amsterdam, in honor of National Sugar Cookie Day and alcohol, of course. There we found Ian Lasko, a Phoenix native who very cooly accepted the challenge of creating a sugar cookie-esque cocktail concoction.

We were expecting to wait a while, so we got comfortable on the bar stools inside Amsterdam. A techno remix of Chris Brown or Rihanna or some other mainstream pop artist played loudly overhead.

Lasko quickly got to work and within five minutes placed a brown sugar rimmed martini glass before us, then proceeded to pour a sweet-smelling drink from a shaker.

After explaining what went into the no-bake sugar cookie cocktail, Lasko said, "I put actual sugar in it to give it a gritty feel." Whoa there. Talk about sticking to the theme, right?

We asked Lasko what he'd want to call his new creation, and after giving us a funny look like "way to put me on the spot," he opted for "Shuga".

Needless to say, there was no reason to take a sip of Shuga from the glass -- no, no. You see, we spilled it all over our hands only to find that we would be smelling like a delicious sugar cookie for the remainder of the afternoon.

Mission accomplished.

Shuga Recipe: 3/4 oz whipped cream Smirnoff 3/4 oz Ron Zacapa 1/4 oz hazelnut liquor Splash of simple syrup Dash of sugar Shake, garnish rim with brown sugar

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