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New Food Truck Alert: Buzznbeez Good Food

If you believe culinary talent can be passed genetically, or that lineage counts for anything, you'll be thrilled to meet the newest addition to the Mrs. White's Golden Rule/Lolo's Chicken and Waffles family of soul food restaurants. Along with Beatrice "Bee" Bullock, Mrs. White's grandson Christian Buze has began his own mobile food truck called Buzznbeez Good Food Truck.

The business: The truck has all the classics you'd expect to find from someone so closely tied to Mrs. White's and Lolo's: fried chicken, catfish, seven cheese mac n' cheese, greens and yams. But Buzznbeez also mixes in a global touch that brings their menu far beyond the boundaries of down home southern cookin'. In addition to their usual menu items, the truck features a selection of rotating dishes such as Indian coconut curry and Jamaican jerk chicken.

The story: Beatrice, known as "Bee," and Chef Buzz teamed up earlier this fall to start their mobile food business. Due to the slow economy and difficulties in opening a brick and mortar restaurant, the pair decided to take their culinary dreams to the streets after watching The Great Food Truck Race. Bee, who's always been a huge fan of the bumblebee motif, and Buzz combined their names and...Buzznbeez was born.

Where to find them: Buzz and Bee will be making their rounds near the Central and Camelback corridor. Fans of the Rhythm Room, near 7th Ave. and Indian School, know the truck makes regular appearances on Friday and Saturday nights. You can also catch them in the New Times parking lot at 12th St. and Jefferson on Friday afternoons from 11-2. They've got big things in the works all over the Valley from the Scottsdale Culinary Festival to the annual country music fete, Country Thunder.

The truck: Buzznbeez, who opened up shop on October 1, had their purple and yellow (trust us, you won't miss it) wrapped by Arizona Color and enlisted local artist Alfred Trujillo to create the bumblebee lady who graces the side of the truck.

Check back tomorrow for the second part of Chef Chat where we'll get to know Chef Buzz and Bumble-Bee a little more.

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Lauren Saria
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