No-Cook Springtime Vegetable Recipes for the Easter Table

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Springtime vegetables tend to be small, in part because the growing season is new and they're picked young. What that means for you the cook, in the practical sense, is that they're tender and don't necessarily need to be cooked. It also means that you can serve crisp, tasty side dishes with no pots, no pans, and no heat. All you need is a sharp knife and a cutting board, but if you want to up your game, a mandoline or other slicer and a grater will give your vegetables eye appeal and a variety of textures.

When it comes to dressing raw vegetables I like to use olive oil and little lemon juice. A squeeze from an orange or grapefruit also does the trick. A sprinkle of salt and pepper finishes this simplest of dressings.

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Andy Broder