Now Open: Oregano's South Tempe

Hooray, south Tempe finally has its very own Oregano's.

The "neighborhood pizza joint" (their words, not ours) has taken up residence in the freestanding building on the southeast corner of Elliot and Priest -- a sad spot that has been empty for so long we can't even remember what occupied it before a paint crew came in and Oregano-ed it. 

We're guessing that we don't need to go into details about what they serve (pizza, pasta and honey mustard chicken wings), warn you about the giant menus (awkward), or waste your time telling you that the interior looks just like the other locations (the window frames are green). If you have not yet been to an Oregano's, then you either A. just moved to Arizona without previously stepping food on our warm soil, B. are a crazy hoarder that can't escape their house, or C. are vegan, though chances are good that even Arizona vegans have eaten here at least once. 

The new location makes number eleven for the Arizona chain and their almost funny billboards. Although we did kinda chuckle at "Nice Haboobs." 

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