Closed for Business

Paz Cantina in Downtown Phoenix to Close, With Plans to Reopen in a New Building in the Same Spot

The owner of Paz Cantina confirmed that the restaurant's current building will be demolished, and that the restaurant will close in a little over a week, on Sunday, November 8.

Alliance Residential is reportedly planning a commercial and residential project on the northeast corner of Third and Roosevelt streets, in the Roosevelt Row section of downtown. 

Construction is set to begin in November, after Paz is closed, says Michael Reyes, the restaurant's owner and head chef. The plan is to reopen in Alliance's new building in the same location in about 14 to 17 months, when construction is completed.

Paz has been open for about a year serving affordable Mexican food in downtown Phoenix. And even though the restaurant will have to close, Reyes plans to keep the momentum going, possibly with a food truck and pop-up sites. 

"We're going to take Paz to the people," he said, adding, "We’re not going to stop, we’re just going to go mobile." 

For more information and updates check the Paz Cantina Facebook
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Lily Altavena