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Phoenix Coffeehouse With In-House Psychic Shuttering This Saturday

If anyone could have seen this coming, it would have been Wes Pallin.

The fourth-generation medium and member of Spiritwalker Enterprises, the business listed as the owner of White Sage Espresso, is the man behind (most likely) the only coffee shop in the Valley to boast its own in-house psychic -- but no more. Last week, White Sage announced it would be shuttering Saturday, December 15.

Opened in April of this year, White Sage offered coffee, Italian sodas, breakfast and lunch dishes, and baked goods from a charming renovated 1920s bungalow at 2639 North 16th Street in Central Phoenix. And thanks to Pallin, White Sage's cook and in-house psychic, guests had the option of adding a reading to their morning or noontime ritual.

According to a farewell message, the shop's closing doesn't signal an end, but a new beginning.

A message posted last week on the White Sage's Facebook page, had this to say:

"To all of our customers we thank you for your patronage to our establishment. It has been our pleasure to serve all of you. We will be closing our doors on December 15, 2012. Please stop by and write down your email address for us to contact you when we reopen in a new location. This is not the end but a new beginning."

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Laura Hahnefeld
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