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July Restaurant D-List: Awesome Bleach and German Roaches

Oregano's on Shea Boulevard.
Oregano's on Shea Boulevard. Lauren Cusimano
Every week, the county's health inspectors within Maricopa County Environmental Services give restaurants grades after completing inspections. Participation in the rating system, however, is voluntary, which means owners or managers do not have to accept a grade after an inspection; instead, the restaurants are listed online as "not participating." And in some cases, grades posted online may change, which typically means a restaurant has provided necessary documentation for food safety or fixed a critical issue that led to a low grade. Here's a more detailed explanation of last month's report, which resulted in a number of restaurants landing on the D-list.

Village Inn No. 110864

5961 East McKellips Road, Mesa

“Establishment was cooling whole cooked turkeys from previous day in the main walk in with internal temperatures of 72*F-84*F.”

“Observed multiple cold holding foods in multiple refrigerators above 41*F for more than 4 hours.”

Luke's Of Chicago

1602 East Indian School Road

“Observed employee working the front register handling money then putting on gloves to prepare ready to eat food.”

“Observed container of lemons in the walk in that contained roughly 20% spoiled lemons. 10 of the lemons were moldy while 6 were shriveled and rotten.”

“In the walk in cooler there were 3 containers of cooked beef without a date mark.”

click to enlarge Some discrepancies at Daily Dose. - PATRICIA ESCÁRCEGA
Some discrepancies at Daily Dose.
Patricia Escárcega

Daily Dose MidTown Bar & Grill

1928 East Highland Avenue, Suite F107

“During the inspection, observed server buss dirty plates into dishwashing area, then proceed to pick up order to for service without washing hands in between tasks. Also employee area was observed handling dirty dishes then clean dishes without washing hands and changing between task.”

“At time of inspection, the hot water at faucet at 3 compartment sink could not be turned on or off except by use of valve under sink. Also the spray nozzle next to dish wash machine was not functioning properly with water continuously flowing from it.”

El Alamo Carniceria

773 East Chandler Boulevard, Chandler

“Observed cooked pork skins with meat (chicharron de pella) in the hot case, per kitchen employees this item was left over from last night and was out on time control past its allowed 4 hours.”

“Observed a wiping cloth bucket being used to wipe down cutting boards, the chlorine used to make sanitizing solution was a bottle of 'AWESOME BLEACH with FRESH SCENT'. Solution was discarded and new chlorine sanitizer solution was made using regular, concentrated, no fragrance bleach.”

“Observed a dead German roach on its back lying on the floor behind the steam table where boxed beer is stored. Permit Owner swept up dead roach. Removing dead pest must be done periodically and or as soon as possible to avoid pest harborage.”

Tempe Elks Lodge No. 2251

2320 South Hardy Drive, Tempe

“Half cut cabbage and bagged salad mix in walk in cooler found with black mold and slime. Bagged salad mix in reach in cooler also slimy. Container of beef broth in reach in cooler with floating mold.”

“Case of raw shell eggs stored in shelf in walk in cooler above whole produce.”

“No food thermometer available.”

The Monastery at Falcon Field

4810 East McKellips Road, Mesa

“Observed raw ground beef thawing in container in handwashing sink. Instructed employee to remove ground beef from handwashing sink. Sink was cleaned and sanitized at time of inspection.”

“Observed raw beef patties being stored over lemons, bacon and Jalapenos in sandwich prep table.”

click to enlarge The Shea Boulevard location of Oregano's. - LAUREN CUSIMANO
The Shea Boulevard location of Oregano's.
Lauren Cusimano

Oregano's Pizza Bistro Shea

7215 East Shea Boulevard, Scottsdale

“Observed the employee at the grill line work with raw meat and take their gloves off and put new gloves on without the benefit of washing their hands when changing tasks.”

“Observed the can opener in the back of the kitchen with a large accumulation of organic matter on it.”

“Observed a spray bottle in the back of the kitchen near the three compartment sink with a blue solution in it without the benefit of a label on it.”

La Canasta Mexican Food

723 South Seventh Avenue

“At the dish washing area, observed an employee handling dirty dishes with gloves on and loading them into racks. The employee then proceeded to remove a clean rack of dishes from the dish machine, and began touching the clean plates with his gloved hands.”

“In the main kitchen, observed a dicer with organic matter stuck in the blades and inside of the push part.”

“In the walk-in cooler, observed multiple metal pans containing either green or red chili, all with no date marks. Also observed pans of cooked beef with no date marks.”

Choon Burritos

3923 East Thomas Road, Suite B-5

“No hand drying towels available at hand washing sink across from walk-in cooler. Hand drying towels must be available at all hand washing sinks.”

“Walk-in cooler containing cheese, cooked peppers, milk, cooked cactus, cooked beans, cooked beef, cooked pork, cooked tomato sauces, cooked sausage, and salsa were probed with internal temperatures ranging between 46-51 Deg. F and had been in cooler for over 24-hours.”

Denny's No. 6476

7605 East McDowell Road

“Flat of raw shell eggs (some broken) stored directly over open bag of spinach and open container of cut tomatoes in reach in cooler directly next to cook line.”

“Four pans of hashbrowns-49-54F in walk in cooler and cooler drawer unit under cookline.”

Manuel's Mexican Restaurant

2350 East Southern Avenue, Tempe

“Observed a covered pan of refried beans in the walk-in at 47 Deg. F. from the previous night per manager.”

“Observed a towel under a cutting board being used to prevent it moving. Use a rubber mat instead for this to prevent potential contamination.”

Village Inn No. 110851

5012 South Power Road, Gilbert

“Observed employee hand washing for 5 seconds. Employee proceeded to put on gloves and handle food equipment.”

“Observed employee with gloves handling raw eggs in shell. Employee cracked raw eggs onto pan. Employee discarded gloves. Employee put on new gloves. Employee began plating another meal. Stopped employee.”
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