Food Truck Frenzy

Psst, Wanna Buy an (Epic) Food Truck?

On November 29, 2012, Epic Hot Dogs, a food truck serving weenies from all over the world (sorry), sputtered out after just over a year of being in the mobile-kitchen business.

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But that doesn't mean the torch of exhaust flames can't be passed to another who dreams of taking their foodstuffs to the streets. And Epic owner Paul Cionczyk has been hoping to do that since late last year, when he put his food truck (and, if you want, the concept) up for sale. And then again in late January, when he put his food truck (and, if you want, the concept) up for sale on eBay.

"The season for food trucks is now," the eBay description reads. "Make the most of it."

Well, what are you waiting for, next great food-truck-concept person? All you need is (YOUR GUESS HERE) dollars.

Featuring "a custom build which has been built locally to Maricopa County standards," a "powerful Chevy 454 V8 Engine," low mileage (57,000), new equipment, and "a quality build which spared no expense," the Epic food truck is listed at $54,999.

The price includes all the kitchen equipment in the truck as well but not the rights to use the Epic Hot Dogs brand (that's an extra cost that is not disclosed, but the posting says it can be discussed with the right buyer).

Want more details or contact info? Go to the Epic food truck's page on Ebay.

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