Recipe: the CenPhopolitan from SideBar

There are 57 vodkas, two shelves of tequila and 50 different kinds of beers taking up the limited shelf space of SideBar in downtown Phoenix.

For a bar that's about the size of a college dorm room, that's not too shabby. OK, a college suite.

With house-made flavors and fresh-squeezed everything, owner Josh Parry has kept his cocktail options open for his bartenders to experiment, play and come up with a drink even better than the one they just made you (and that one was probably pretty damn good, in the first place).

And when Parry and his staff sat down to craft their witty, artful menu of specialty drinks, experimenting was the key.

"It's like you're playing with a chemistry set," Parry says. Balance, proportion, the best ingredients around - and perfection. That's all he asks.

Today, Parry is offering up one of Sidebar's signature drink recipes, just for you: (in a nod to the neighborhood he loves) the CenPhopolitan.

1 ½ ounces Absolut Mandarin 2 ounces pomagrante 100% juice Splash freshly squeezed orange juice ½ ounce Triple Sec

Shaken and served in an ice-cold martini glass with a slice of orange.

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Lauren Gilger
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