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Rula Bula's Irish Rose

There' s more than one way to drink like an Irishman on St. Patrick's Day. You could, of course, go wild with the Guinness and food-coloring-spiked beer, but you'd be missing out on the true national drink of Ireland: whiskey. And while Steve Goumas, owner of Rula Bula, recommends tasting whiskeys with nothing added except a few drops of water (get the rest of his advice in our earlier post about him), he has no problem with making a cocktail with one of the flavored whiskeys that have recently entered the marketplace.

"There are a lot of people afraid to try a brown liquid, so distillers have been coming out with a lot of flavored whiskeys," Goumas says. Today, Rula Bula will introduce one of these concoctions: Bushmills Irish Honey, made from a blend of Bushmills Original and honey from the Emerald Isle. "It's smooth and a lot sweeter," Goumas says. "It's a great introduction for people not used to drinking whiskey."

It's also great for making cocktails. Try the recipe below during your St. Paddy's revelry.

Rula Bula Irish Rose

The ingredients:
1 ¾ oz. Bushmills Irish Honey
1 ½ tsp. Rose water
Splash sour mix

How to make it:
Add all ingredients into an ice-filled shaker. Shake well. Strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with a lemon twist.

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