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Ruth Reichl's Top Gifts for Food Lovers on Gilt Taste

​We can't think of a better place to "window shop" for online foodstuffs than Gilt Taste. Ruth Reichl is the editorial advisor for this new-ish member of the Gilt Groupe family. She's also the author of this month's Chow Bella Book Club Selection.

We wanted to explore more about Gilt Taste and what we found was many page clicks of digital eye candy and real candy, too. We were simply blown away with how innovative and interesting they've made their "digital-magazine-catalog hybrid" that showcases hard-to-source ingredients and other artisan products, as well as great story content.

We thought it'd be fun to feature Reichl's favorite gifts this season and there were a few items that sounded especially delicious.

Some of her picks after the jump.

Magazine lovers haven't lost Reichl at all, her words and influence continue to live on in digital format. Reichl chose to use the ubiquitous online mag format to present their Gilt Taste Gift Guide for 2011, which is so popular these days with the design community -- ones like Anthology.

Right now, you can find her 10 great gift ideas in the magazine.

We thought the Pok Pok Som Apple Drinking Vinegar would be quite fun to try and not too steep at $16.96 for 16 oz of flavor to tip into a glass of fizzy water.

Aged Gouda that's so sweet and creamy, she describes it as "a savory butterscotch." Yes.

First-press fish sauce by Red Boat is her favorite. And now it might be ours. Since it's used sparingly in dishes, the price tag of $33.95 for 2L seems like a fun luxury condiment.

We thought we had something in our eye when we spotten the 5 lb bag of charcoal for $76 - this Binchotan Charcoal what gives Thomas Keller's food special, but also especially pricey - yikes.

Gilt Taste is really a stellar example of how we like to shop online. Pretty pictures, great design and thoughtfully curated collections. While, we might not be ready to part with our hard earned money to buy a $50 bottle of soy sauce, thankfully, browsing is free and there are so many swoon-worthy choices.

Find the rest of Reichl's picks over on Gilt Taste's Gift Guide 2011.

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