Slice of the City: Downtown Pizza Lounge vs. Brooklyn NYC Pizza

No downtown is complete without a pizza rivalry. Downtown Phoenix may be lacking some things but this it has -- and it's a juicy beef because Downtown Pizza Lounge and Brooklyn NYC Pizza are located within a stone's throw of one another. Who will win the taste test?

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In This Corner: Downtown Pizza Lounge

The Setup: The high-top seating area is meant to serve people flooding in before and after downtown sporting events. It's not a particularly comfortable place to hang out, but it is good for eating a slice on the go. The staff is friendly and talkative, especially if you catch them during downtime.

The Good: Crispy thin crust, gooey cheese, and lots of flavor -- what more could you want from a big $3 slice of pizza? We grabbed the garlicy Margherita and were impressed that DPL could handle more than just the usual cheese or pepperoni varieties. We're happy finally to have found a place in the heart of downtown with decent pizza by the slice . . . now if only it delivered.

The Bad: While meat lovers have an outrageously meat-covered option, the most veggies we saw on any one pie at DPL was on ours -- and that just had sliced tomato. Poor veggie lovers will just have to add on their own toppings to a plain cheese slice for an additional charge.

In The Other Corner: Brooklyn NYC Pizza

The Setup: While Brooklyn NYC's new location in the Collier Center seems to have a larger dining area, the uncomfortable chairs, and large TVs on every wall make it hard to relax and enjoy your pizza. Make sure to get there early if you want to be served at all because on most days (unless there's a game) it's open only until 2 p.m.

The Good: For $5.50, you can get a slice of pizza, side salad, and a drink. A single slice is between $2 and $3, depending on what toppings you get. That's where the goodness ends.

The Bad: When we went to Brooklyn NYC with a pizza-loving friend, their rare and pointed criticism just stuck with us. They said the pizza was barely above freezer quality, and we have to agree. The selection also was boring, with Hawaiian, cheese, pepperoni and a veggie option. Plus, our side salad was an inedibly wilted store-bought mix with too much ranch on top.

And the winner is . . . Downtown Pizza Lounge. There's no contest in this battle in our eyes. Downtown Pizza Lounge crushed the competition on flavor, texture, selection and general ambiance. We officially have a new downtown go-to spot for a slice.

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