Spanish Fly Replacing Former Drift Lounge

As the brains behind Old Town hotspots Stingray Sushi, Geisha A Go Go, and Jimmy Woo's, Greg Donnally, Bryan Chittenden and Andrew Nam have set a high-energy pace for Scottsdale nightlife, especially when it comes to food and drink for the clubbing crowd. Now they're on track to open another stylish spot by the end of February, in the building where they previously had tiki-themed Drift Loungewhich closed late last year.

Spanish Fly will be a departure from their Asian-inspired lineup, with "Mexican beach food" and sushi, and a Latin vibe that evokes Miami, Mexican beaches, and the South Pacific. After dramatic renovations to the property, there will also be an onsite, resort-style pool with VIP cabanas, beds, and an outdoor bar.

It's a brilliant idea, really, considering how popular the Valley's resort pools are with locals in the summer. Just think of the over-the-top debauchery that goes on at the Hotel Valley Ho and the W, and how much money you can blow in an afternoon of drinking frozen prickly pear margaritas poolside -- these folks are looking for a piece of that action, sans resort.

Why they'd put the word "fly" in a restaurant name still escapes me, but I somehow doubt that people will come here for food, anyway. Spanish Fly's website has no menu yet, although there is a picture of a gal's rack, barely covered by a string bikini top. I predict that Spanish Fly will become one hell of a meatmarket (although hopefully not a sausage fest).

Spanish Fly is located at 4341 N. 75th St. in Scottsdale.

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Michele Laudig
Contact: Michele Laudig