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Struggling Café Gets Saved By Community: Recession? Not If Tempe Can Help It.

High unemployment, businesses tanking, Arnold and Maria splitting up after 25 years of marriage. Dammit, can't we as human beings get just one shred of evidence that the universe isn't going to shit on us today? That the recession isn't causing one more good person to lose faith in themselves?

Enter Mark and Karen Vojtek.

The Vojteks had a dream. They dreamed of opening their own business. They fulfilled that dream in Tempe seven years ago in the form of Culinary Solutions, a small, family-owned café. Then the economy tanked. And like a lot of small businesses, the Vojteks braced themselves for financial ruin and the closing of their dream.

That's when the Tempe community said, "Hell, no."

Word of the Vojteks' predicament got out, and the news spread fast. It wasn't long before several local companies were helping the couple remodel. And, for the most part, doing it for free.

The Vojteks' good-people project has a name -- "Saving Mark's Café." The goal? To boost business by transforming the current Culinary Solutions Café into Mark's Café. On board is an interior design firm, videographers, a photographer, a PR professional, a web designer, a project manager, and a graphic designer.

See the clean-up and new design plans in the Fox News story below:

Hurting Cafe in Tempe Gets Free Renovation:

"The love and outreach of our local community and loyal customers has been amazing," stated Karen Vojtek, co-owner of Mark's Café. "We are so grateful for everyone who has come together to help save our business."

The tentative re-opening date of Mark's Cafe is Wednesday, May 18.

Mark's Café
6340 S. Rural Road, Tempe

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