Chow Bella

The Password to TEXAZ Grill's Secret Dessert


Cluttered with old license plates, ball caps and business cards tacked to the ceiling, TEXAZ Grill is the town's finest redneck watering hole. But underneath the award-winning chicken fried steak and ham buns this restaurant is hiding a secret. See, there's a dessert so simple and so frighteningly "country" that it isn't listed on the menu.

It's called The Doctor in Dixie, a scoop of Blue Bell vanilla ice cream in a little Dixie cup with Dr. Pepper syrup poured on top. You know, the stuff that mixes with carbonated water in soda machines to form your favorite pop. You don't have to know a secret handshake or a password to get your hands on this backwoods sundae. You just have to ask for it by name. Whisper "The Doctor in Dixie" to your server and you'll get this delicious dessert for just $1.50. Sweet!

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Wynter Holden
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