Sugar Rush

The Skinny On Sugar & Sweeteners

My grandmother, Gloria, should have lived to be 120. She didn't drink soda, refused processed food, exercised, watched her salt & sugar consumption, and controlled her portions. While my siblings and I would stuff our faces at family picnics with hunks of rich sugary cake, she would eat a small sliver and be content. Gloria would only eat plain, saltless microwave popcorn, because she said the butter had bad chemicals in it. Unfortunately, she smoked, inhaling chemicals instead of ingesting them.

Today, we are more aware of the dangers of smoking, but are we aware of the items that line the grocery store shelves, like our sweeteners?

Many have adopted an alternative sweetener for health reason, be it diabetes or watching waistlines. We are facing more dietary issues than ever, causing an increase in the variety of products to choose from. As the sugar aisle is ever expanding with sweet options, are we researching before we start adding these to our foods?

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Rachel Miller
Contact: Rachel Miller