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The Stand Serves Hecho en Arcadia Burgers and Tacos

We're not quite sure how it happened, but somewhere along the way Central Phoenix's Arcadia neighborhood became the unofficial burger capital of metro Phoenix. So when The Stand opened, we were disappointed to hear the area would be getting yet another burger-centric joint. After an underwhelming first visit it took a while for us to walk through the doors again. But we're sure happy we did.

The restaurant is a mash-up of a burger joint and a taquería, and the burger part of the operation encompasses only one item: The Standard. It's a double stacked burger reminiscent of In-N-Out's Double Double, and it's up to you to add on cheese, grilled jalapeño, grilled onions, and other extras. And even though the salted dulce de leche shake milkshake is reason enough to return, the real reason The Stand stands out is because if the consistently enthusiastic service.

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Here's an excerpt from this week's review by JK Grence:

The taco menu also keeps it simple, with three fillings: beef short rib, chicken, or vegetables, all with various accouterments. Another menu board lists sides (fries and chips, of course, plus Mexican street corn) and a variety of beverages, including everything you'd expect to see at a burger or taco joint: Coke fountain drinks, bottled Mexican sodas, aguas frescas (proudly made in-house), fresh-squeezed lemonade, and a variety of shakes.

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JK Grence
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