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Tomaso's on Camelback Is Closing After 46 Years. Customers Have a Month Left to Visit

The Maggiore family plans to close the original restaurant in May, but another restaurant is in the works.
Tomaso's will serve its last customers after 46 years in business.
Tomaso's will serve its last customers after 46 years in business. Tomaso’s
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Tomaso's on Camelback, one of the stalwarts of the Phoenix dining scene, is closing after 46 years.

The restaurant, which is located on the southeast corner of Camelback Road and 32nd Street, was opened in 1977 by acclaimed chef Tomaso Maggiore and his wife Patricia Maggiore.

It was the first of many restaurants that the Sicilian-born chef would open in Phoenix, including Tommy V’s and Tomaso’s Italian Kitchen. The original, however, quickly became a classic.

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Chef Joey Maggiore grew up in his father Tomaso's Italian kitchens.
Courtesy of Stephanie Ferrer
The family patriarch died in 2021, and his children chef Joey Maggiore and restaurateur Melissa Maggiore-Meyer took over the growing restaurant empire. Joey is the mind behind popular restaurants including Hash Kitchen, The Sicilian Butcher, The Sicilian Baker, and The Mexicano. Melissa owns The Italian Daughter.

Now, the family's collection of concepts will markedly alter with the closing of the original restaurant. Tomaso's is set to close after service on May 20.

The last month at this iconic spot is packed with events for customers to visit for the last time.

The final Passport Wine Dinner will take place on April 26. The series pairs wines from different regions with food to allow attendees to travel without ever leaving Phoenix. The final installment of the series will include wines from Italy's Lazio, Emilia-Romagna, Marche, and Aosta Valley. Tomaso's will serve a multi-day Mother's Day menu from May 12 through 14.

And in its final week of service, Tomaso's will host a "Throwback Week" from May 15 through 20. The event will bring plenty of nostalgia for longtime fans, as both the original menu items, and the original prices from 1977, will be on offer. Think baked stuffed clams for $7.95 and $12.75 lasagna.

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Tomaso's will close after service on May 20.
Courtesy of Tomaso’s Italian Restaurant
While Tomaso's is set to close, the chef's family plan to continue the legacy of their father with a new restaurant called Il Massetos.

According to a news release, the new restaurant will be across the intersection, located on the northwest corner of Camelback Road and 32nd Street. Plans are set for a fine dining restaurant with a piano bar and outdoor seating. The menu will include some favorites from Tomaso's plus updated spins on the family recipes. The new restaurant, helmed by Joey Maggiore, is set to open in 2024.

Tomaso's on Camelback

3225 East Camelback Rad
Closing May 20

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