Tomorrow: Cheba Hut Celebrates Prop. 203 With $2.03 Subs

​Even though I suspect that the folks at Cheba Hut have "420" on their minds, tomorrow they're taking advantage of the date ("2/03") to celebrate the passage of the Medical Marijuana Initiative, Proposition 203, with an all-day deal on munchies, plus free entertainment.

All five Arizona Cheba Hut locations will have live music, raffles, and giveaways, and from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. tomorrow, you can take care of your cravings on the cheap (as if those tasty subs weren't already wallet-friendly). Four-inch subs will be offered for just $2.03 apiece. 

"Hosting this event is another way of bringing our customers together and having an open forum on how Prop 203 can benefit Arizona," says Scott Jennings, CEO of Cheba Hut.

These toasted subs (pun intended) always hit the spot, whether I'm in the mood for an old-school Italian sub or some newfangled hippie thing with hemp cream cheese, and as I said in my recent review of Cheba Hut, this cannabis-themed eatery is "poised for high times in Arizona."

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