Turn a Little Head Into Dessert

What do Bart Simpson, crocodiles and President Obama have in common? All three have been memorialized as a Chia Pet -- the kitschy terracotta planter thing that sprouts a healthy green coat of the mint-related herb.

Most people think of Chia Pets as a gag gift (or an easy-to-grow plant for those with a black thumb), but chia seeds are actually a good source of fiber, omega 3's and a host of other trendy vitamins and minerals.

Inspired by a taste test at Camelback Inn's Sprouts juice bar, The Virgin decided to be daring and whip up a little chia dessert made with in-season fruit and a free sample of Salba, a white chia supplement available online or at Kroger/Fry's grocery stores.

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Wynter Holden
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