Veggie Girl: Green -- an ode to soy

By Megan Irwin

The Green "Soynami" and peanut tofu = my favorite summer snack.

By now, faithful readers should know plenty about Green, the Valley's best (and, um, only) place to get vegan comfort food. I’ve been trying to write about less well known veggie-friendly restaurants, but I have to pause for a second to sing the praises of what I consider Green’s finest creation: the Soynami.

It’s summer. We live in Phoenix. It’s unbearably hot. One of the joys of living in such a hellishly hot place is that it makes little things — like enjoying ice cream when it’s 115 out — a hundred times more enjoyable. But if you're vegan — or a possibly lactose intolerant vegetarian, like me — your options are pretty limited.

Which is just one more reason why I’m eternally grateful that Green exists.

The Soynami is basically like a Blizzard from Dairy Queen, but uses soy instead of milk. It’s delicious. I’d even venture to say it’s better than ice cream. I’m partial to the Chunky Monkey — a blend of banana, walnuts and chocolate chunks. Recently I tried a new blend of coconut, chocolate and almonds – it was like a frozen blended Almond Joy, and is possibly in the running as my new favorite.

Fun new Green fact: they now feature a tiny vegan market. It’s new since the last time I was in a few months ago, and has all kinds of yummy sweet treats for sale.

Green's new mini-market.

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Megan Irwin
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