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Watch This: Gordon Ramsay as a Judge on American Idol?

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Celebrity chef and professional asshole Gordon Ramsay was on Jimmy Kimmel Live recently and presented this nightmare scenario: Gordon Ramsay as a judge on American Idol. We're not sure what makes angry British men so appealing as agents of our emotional unwinding, but there it is. Maybe John Oliver was right when he said that no matter how much of a twit the speaker is, Americans simply cannot ignore the authority of a British accent.

Either way, here's the clip.

Of course, Ramsay wasn't on Kimmel's show to audition to browbeat contestants on American Idol but rather to promote the expansion of his already sizable reality TV show empire. As we've reported earlier, "It seems the Kitchen Nightmares crew is trolling for fresh, foundering restaurant meat for Ramsay right here in the Valley." He's also starting a new show imaginatively called Hotel Hell, on which he'll presumably help struggling hotels and their staff cope with the economic downturn using only positive reinforcement and group hugs. Or maybe he'll just cut to the chase and start throwing people off the balcony of the hotel when they fail him.

He also took time to talk a little about the injuries he suffered during a recent celebrity soccer game. That game sounds like a bloodbath given that Ramsay's back was taken out by a tackle and Will Ferrell had to be helped off the field after a leg injury.

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