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As one window closes, 2 new Window Coffee Bars plan to open this summer

The new locations will offer longer hours, an expanded food and drinks menu and the company's first drive-thru.
Co-owners Marcus Sanchez and Homero Medrano bring big personality to Window Coffee Bar.
Co-owners Marcus Sanchez and Homero Medrano bring big personality to Window Coffee Bar. Allison Young
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Update: This story has been updated to reflect new information provided by the owners.
Window Coffee Bar opened two years ago, and at the end of April, closed at its current Coronado location. However, the small business's run is far from finished. Window's owners plan to open two new locations in the Melrose area this summer.

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Marcus Sanchez and Homero Medrano are working to launch Window Coffee Bar into its next phase.
Window Coffee Bar
Window Coffee Bar offers a variety of beverages as well as some sweet and savory snacks, many of which are vegan, to pair with coffee, tea, or flavored lemonades. The pastries, coffee beans and bagels are locally sourced.

Now, co-owners Marcus Sanchez and Homero Medrano are ready to expand their offerings. The two new locations are "fewer than two miles apart" according to Sanchez, but "they will have different vibes."
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Window Coffee Bar will be one of the businesses to have a spot in The Royale.
Rocco Designs & Maura Gonzalez

Primed to Grow

Sanchez and Medrano are very humble and passionate about their business and say they feel lucky to be able to run Window Coffee Bar, something that "became a reality during the pandemic when we decided to go for our dream of being in the coffee business" Sanchez says.

The original Window Coffee Bar, located within a collection of shops and art studios on 16th Street, was a completely outdoor space, so the owners closed shop once the heat of the day arrived at 1 p.m. The new, indoor spaces will allow for larger kitchens and expanded hours, the owners say.

The upcoming Window Coffee Bars will have more food items and a "Toast Bar" featuring customizable dishes based on the current customer-favorite avocado toasts. More varieties of muffins and danishes will be added to the menu too, joining the fruit tart signature dessert.

Medrano and Sanchez are also excited to add fresh-squeezed juices. Some unique drink offerings staying on the menu from the original cafe include the Burnt Cream Latte, Bee Pollen Latte, Maple Cinnamon Latte, and Cookie Macchiato.

"People say our Burnt Cream Latte tastes like a creme brulee," Medrano says. "We are spending a lot of time getting our baristas ready to make all of our special drinks for our grand openings."
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The upcoming locations of Window Coffee Bar will feature original and new menu items.
Window Coffee bar

What to Expect at Each Location

At the Camelback Road location, located just west of Seventh Avenue, expect small plates and treats along with the company's first drive-thru. Customers can grab food and drinks on the go or stay a while at the welcoming spot which will include commissioned local artwork. The custom logo was designed by local artist Gabby Klein.

The second Window Coffee Bar location will be at The Royale, a collection of local food and shopping businesses with a shared outside space filled with seating and places to hang out. The new complex is under construction on Seventh and Glenrosa Avenues and is expected to open this summer.

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The first phase of The Royale development is set to open in Spring 2023.
Rocco Designs & Maura Gonzalez
"The Royale will be a unique neighborhood gathering spot," Medrano says, "we've been excited about it for a while."

The plans include offering private and public event spaces and a home base for Phoenix drag star Barbara Seville to host shows. Stay tuned for Seville's drag brunches and upcoming events featuring local talent.

Some of Window Coffee Bar's neighbors at the Royale will include YumBar, which will feature cocktails and casual dining, and Lix, a local, lactose-free ice creamery.

Both new Window Coffee Bar locations are expected to open in late June.

Window Coffee Bar

Coming soon to:
The Royale, 635 W. Glenrosa Ave., Suite 109
903 W. Camelback Road
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