Friends in high places: Hah. You got poor (Rebirth) Marshall Beck crying to all of his beloved MySpace "friends." I love it! Your column is right on. I look forward to reading more of your reviews!
Todd Beck (no relation to Marshall), via the Internet

Rebirth redux: Your column made me laugh my ass off. Was that some feeble attempt to brush Rebirth, Arizona metal and myself by the wayside? You're going to need to do a lot more than that to silence this bad motherfucker. Thanks for the much-deserved publicity, it was about time.
Marshall Beck, Tempe

Conspiracy Theorists

On the offensive: When I read this article ("Goofball Shockumentary," The Bird, Robrt L. Pela, April 27), I had to wonder where this reporter was when the film was running. Did he fall asleep? Was he too busy watching coeds? Did someone else watch it for him? This was not some crackpot idea cooked up by three young men. They simply put together facts collected by researchers since 9/11, along with a theory as to what might have happened to flight 93 based on flight records and the fact that no bodies were found.

There is a growing number of Americans who question the validity of the oversimplified "official" version. I count myself among them. I worked in physics for the U.S. government for more than 10 years and I believe what I saw on 9/11 was a demolition.

Your reporter attacked an educator at Scottsdale Community College for doing what every good educator should do: Bring innovative ideas to the classroom. Encourage students to think. The last thing we need is another generation with members like the one who wrote "Goofball Shockumentary."

However, after looking at his four-letter vocabulary, I must say I think he was right about one thing: The scenario was too complex for him. You should consider trading that old crow in for an eagle.
Sarah Sanders, Phoenix

Film schooled: There are two movies that everyone should see. The first is United 93, and the other one is Loose Change. United 93 is now playing at theaters around the Valley. Loose Change is a DVD that can be purchased over the Internet.

Both movies are about September 11, 2001. They were not made by the same people. Those who prefer to hide their heads in the sand will not see either of these movies, and could very well suffer the same fates as those murdered on September 11, 2001. See these movies and pay attention to what is going on in the world around you before it is too late.
David Postgate, Sun City

Presenting its case: What The Bird neglects to mention in his pan of Loose Change is that more than 400 people attended the viewing at Harkins Shea 14 and only three or four people walked out. The rest watched the movie present its case.

The Bird also neglects to mention that a large portion of the evidence presented is taken from the major news outlets' reporting of the event within the first 24 hours, as well as photographs and video from other eyewitness sources.

The fact that they come to the conclusion that they do (the one that The Bird finds so laughable) is that, given the facts, and I stress facts, not the ad nauseam repetition of the official story, it is the most likely conclusion.
Mark Mansfield, Cave Creek

Park Swap

Preserve and protect Papago: Time to rethink Papago Park ("Cash Cabal," John Dougherty, April 27)? Thank you, Grady Gammage! First of all, Papago is not Balboa, Central or Lincoln Park. It is desert treasure in the middle of the metropolitan area.

Before retiring, I was responsible for the Tempe portion of Papago Park. Over a period of 30 years, I heard of many schemes to make Papago more of an asset. Interestingly, some ideas were the same as listed by Gammage. Fortunately, Tempe mayors and city councils didn't bite. I would hope that this mayor and city council would do likewise. Communication and coordination with the other cities involved would be advisable. Papago came to Tempe from the federal government with conditions. Public purposes and recreation don't include high-priced golf resorts for the privileged, or major event venues that will destroy the fragile desert.

Papago needs protection and preservation. Getting rid of the National Guard doesn't make sense. They have been good neighbors, and we don't need the additional expense of relocation added to the military budget.

Speaking of budget, I see no need to create another layer of government. The cities have the mechanism and staff to communicate and coordinate. I agree that we need to do something, but not develop any more commercial or high traffic venues.
Ron Pies, Tempe

Just Say No

See no evil: What works in Montana to deter our youth from using meth should also work in Arizona. But it won't ("Meth Madness," Sarah Fenske, April 27).

It won't work in Arizona because the people warning our youth about the evils of meth are the same people who used lies and gross exaggerations about the so-called evils of marijuana. Thus they have lost their credibility.

Credibility is the most important aspect of persuasion. Once it is gone, your ability to persuade is gone.

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