Here's Where to Find the Art of IN FLUX 7

Saskia Jorda (right) sews part of her IN FLUX Cycle 7 installation.
Saskia Jorda (right) sews part of her IN FLUX Cycle 7 installation. Scottsdale Public Art
There’s a new reason to explore art in the East Valley.

Nine new works are being installed this fall as part of IN FLUX 7, the latest iteration of an annual public art program launched in October 2010.

The program creates temporary art installations in various community settings, where members of the public can enjoy them free of charge.

Four cities are participating in IN FLUX this time around – including Chandler, Gilbert, Tempe, and Scottsdale.

So far, organizers have released names for eight participating artists, and nine installation sites.

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Jennyfer Stratman working on her piece for IN FLUX Cycle 7 in Gilbert.
Scottsdale Public Art
Currently, the artist lineup includes Amanda Blake, Danielle Foushee, Perrin Gilbert, Saskia Jorda, Eli McGlothern, Nancy McIntosh, Jennyfer Stratman, and Rossitza Todorova.

You can see Stratman's hourglass-shaped web of metal titled Connection Point at Heritage Depot Plaza in Gilbert. Eli McGlothern’s piece is going up in Chandler, on the corner of Arizona Avenue and Boston Street, but that installation date is still pending.

In Tempe, you’ll find Saskia Jorda’s work at the F.A.B.R.I.C. complex, and Amanda Blake’s work at the Edna Vihel Center for the Arts. The center is located between Tempe Public Library and the Tempe History Museum.

Danielle Foushee’s piece is being installed at Tempe Beach Park in late November. Perrin Gilbert’s work will be installed at Daley Park in Tempe during early spring 2018.

Nancy McIntosh's Mosaic Mountains is on view at Scottsdale Road and Oak Street as of October 30. But Rossitza Todorova's piece won't go up at Scottsdale Road and Roosevelt Street until some time in December.

Another work is planned for Miller Plaza, but organizers have yet to announce the artist or installation date.

Dozens of artists have created work for IN FLUX through the years — including Kristin Bauer, Rachel Bowditch, Isaac Caruso, Jake Early, Sarah Hurwitz, Ann Morton, and Mary Shindell.
Sometimes artists repurpose works once their IN FLUX time has passed. Last year, a giant ear sculpture that was part of Ronna Nemitz's Listen for IN FLUX Cycle 4 was installed just outside the Found:RE hotel in downtown Phoenix.

In recent years, Scottsdale Public Art has presented a bus tour of IN FLUX installations. But that’s not happening this time around.

Instead, IN FLUX organizers are presenting an IN FLUX Slide Slam at Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art’s SMoCA Lounge. The free event runs from 3 to 5 p.m. on Saturday, November 18.

During the slide slam, each IN FLUX 7 artist will have five minutes to show five slides of their work, and talk about the process of taking it from idea to installation.

It’s just the latest version of the IN FLUX program, which as shown temporary public art pieces by dozens of Arizona artists during cycles 1 through 6. For each cycle, there’s an open call inviting artists to submit works for consideration.

For Cycle 6, Danielle Wood installed a garden of sea- and cactus-inspired forms called Desert Playa near Western Spirit: Scottsdale's Museum of the West. Jeffrey DaCosta filled an empty storefront with flat deer sculptures illuminated by glowing paint.

The last cycle included works by more than a dozen additional artists, including Oliverio Balcells, Malena Barnhart, Chelsea Bighorn, and Daniel Funkhouser.

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