ASU Sorority Girls Teased for Taking Selfies at Arizona Diamondbacks Game

Moments after asking Diamondback fans to take selfies and post them to Twitter, D-backs TV commentators Steve Berthiaume and Bob Brenly couldn't stop joking about a group of ASU Alpha Chi Omega sorority sisters doing just that at Wednesday night's game. 

"Look at the one on the right," Berthiaume says while laughing.

"Do you have to make faces when you take selfies?" Brenly asks.

"Wait, better angle. Oh, check it — did that come out okay?" Berthiaume replies, narrating the woman's actions.

"That is the best one of the 300 hundred pictures I've taken of myself today!" Brenly responds in a high-pitched voice.

"Every girl in the picture is locked into her phone. Every single one is dialed in . . . They're all just completely transfixed by the technology."

Though not necessarily mean-spirited, the two-minute video is funny to watch because the announcers just cannot seem to get enough of these women and their selfies:

"Gotta take a selfie with the hot dog. Selfie with the churro. Selfie just of a selfie . . . Here's my first bite of the churro, here's my second bite of the churro."
"You know, the beauty of baseball is that you can sit next to your neighbor and have a conversation, or you can just completely ignore them," one of the sportscasters laments.
At points, the broadcast gets back to the D-backs' David Peralta's single but returns to the sorority sisters, with Berthiaume noting that "no one noticed."

"Can we do an intervention?" Brenly asks. 

It should be noted that throughout the night, the telecast did show many other fans, a lot of them much older than the ASU students, using their cell phones, too. 

As the video went viral, many jumped to the women's defense, pointing out that they were instructed to take selfies or calling out the two grown men for sexism. "Just imagine a world where young women could grow up and feel confident in loving themselves without grown-ass adult men mocking them," one viewer tweeted.

"While we'd love to give these dudes the benefit of the doubt, it's nevertheless troubling to see a group of young women mocked on national television by a pair of grown men," a journalist at Mic wrote about the incident. 

As for the sisters, they didn't seem mind and agreed to take a group selfie that was posted to the Diamondbacks official twitter page.
Watch the full video here:

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