Beer Cooking Class at BLT Steak

Forget the wine, we want to cook with beer. Not just any beer, mind you, but beer of the tasty locally microbrewed Four Peaks variety. Lucky for us and other amateur foodies, Chef Marc Hennessy from BLT Steak is offering to show everyone how on Saturday.

That's right. From noon to 2:30 p.m., Hennessy is teaching a class full of helpful hints and demonstrations on how to use Four Peaks beer in the kitchen. The dishes will not only have beer in them, but attendees will also learn the art of pairing beer with various dishes in a four-course meal.

The cost is $75 for the class, which includes beer and a full meal. The extensive menu for the event is as follows: Popovers and grilled bacon, panzanella salad, asparagus antipasta with prosciutto, homemade sausage with pickled vegetables, and a spice rubbed hangar steak. For dessert, there will be a grilled pumpkin pound cake with apple-cranberry compote and chantilly mascarpone, which seems worth the trip alone. Make sure to call BLT Steak ahead at (480) 905-7979 and reserve your spot!


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