10 Best Awkward Vine Videos

We've all had that embarrassing trip or made an awkward mistake that made us feel like digging a hole in the ground and proceeding to die there. Instead of simply getting back up and dusting ourselves off or leaving the situation feeling down, Vine celebrity KC James shows us a few alternatives for how to not only recover but come back in style. Try these next time you trip in front of those people you were trying to impress. You might just win them over after all.

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Tripping upstairs? No problem! Nothing like a good air guitar to distract everyone from that trip.

Raise your hand if this has happened to you. *raises both hands and a foot* Why not dance your way out of it?

That's gotta sting. Just walk it off; walk it off.

So, you took a tumble on the beach. Mermaid yourself into the sea to wash off that embarrassing moment.

This is a two-in-one tutorial: recover while trying to get up on your surf board. It's multitasking at its finest.

SnapChat problems.

Who needs a high five? You have to practice your robot moves anyway...

What a perfect time to do some push-ups. Thanks, KC James!

Ab crunches? You are our hero.

Oops, time to practice your miming.

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