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6 Questions About the Fuller House Season 2 Trailer

After becoming a staple of family-friendly TV, it's hard to believe that we went more than 20 years without new episodes of Full House. Remarkably, in 2016, the arrival of Fuller House proved itself a worthy spin-off. After an average of 14.4 million people tuned in to each episode of season one, it's not surprising that the producers got right back to work fueling the feel-good fire for a follow-up.

Netflix released the first trailer for season two, which will be available on the streaming service December 9. Our favorite family left us with a very open-ended season-one finale that included Fernando and Kimmy calling off their re-nuptials, DJ turning down two suitors, and Stephanie still being a famous DJ (just go with it). It appears that not too much time has passed, but we can also tell that season two will take place between the end of summer and Christmas, plenty of time to shake things up.

We got some key clues about what to expect, but we still have a lot of questions. While we wait for answers, be sure to binge all of season one, read our recaps, and get ready for a lot of Tanner hugs this December.

Who does DJ end up with?
Last season, DJ was being pulled in two different directions: reconcile with her high school sweetheart/human vacuum cleaner Steve, or mix business with pleasure with her fellow veterinarian, Matt. She ultimately decided to choose herself, realizing she wasn't ready to date so soon after her husband's death. In the trailer, both Matt and Steve are present, and DJ confidently reveals that she finally knows her choice. However, it appears she waited too long ... because they both have girlfriends. Will we get to know who would have won? Does this really mean the end? Honestly, it might be nice to put this triangle to rest, but also see no other signs of anyone else coming along. We're all rooting for you, Deej!

How did we not know about a Gibbler brother?
One Tanner who is definitely going to get her groove back is Stephanie. She's met a floppy-haired, apparent musician who we've already seen her kiss in the trailer. The catch? His name is Jimmy Gibbler. That's right, friends. In all the years of Kimmy invading the Tanners' space, not one mention was made of a brother. Perhaps he's a stepbrother who lived in another city or something, but Steph definitely did not know who he was. We don't know how they met yet, but he's shown in both summer and winter scenes, so it seems like he's sticking around. Get it, girl.

What caused Danny Tanner's midlife crisis?
The trailer shows the Tanner Patriarch dropping in unannounced, wearing a sunglasses at night and a gold chain. It's obvious this is a midlife crisis, and there's almost certainly a Corvette parked outside the house. Why now, though? He talks about turning 60 and re-evaluating his life. We certainly didn't see much of his new wife (or even learn her damn name), so maybe that's gone wrong? Did his move to LA prove to be a little too late in life?

Read on for more Elder Tanner news and a very special Gia appearance.
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