7 Things No Guy Wants to Hear

Ladies, we men say a lot of dumb things. We can all agree on that. However, we're not alone when it comes to saying dumb, inconsiderate things that piss off our significant others.

We might laugh it off or not say anything about it, but there are probably plenty of times when you've said something that rubbed your guy the wrong way.

Here are just some examples of things that no guy ever wants to hear from his love interest.

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7. "Your friends are dumb."

We know they're dumb. That's probably part of why we're friends with them. Odds are, we're probably pretty dumb when we're around them, because it lets us conserve effort and brainpower to further impress you. You wouldn't want us talking badly about your friends. General rule of thumb: Don't say anything about our friends that you wouldn't want said about your own friends.

6. Anything about an ex-boyfriend.

This is basic common courtesy. The first rule of courting/dating/relationship etiquette is that you never (outwardly) compare your current romantic interest to previous romantic interests. We don't want to hear about your exes, and most guys generally presume that you don't want to hear about their exes. Unless it's super important and relevant to the specific situation, please leave it in the past.

5. "You should be more like. . ."

Generally speaking, telling someone they should be more like someone else isn't very nice. When it's the person you're romantically involved with, it's even worse. You might be trying to help your man better himself, but to him it could sound like you'd rather be with the other person instead. Also, be careful about saying things like "You're just like [friend/family member]," because we're not always going to take that as a good thing, even if we like the person.

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