AMC's Dine-In Theatres Open at The Esplanade in September

There's a bit of construction dust on the ground and a few sheets of plastic covering the fixtures, but the new AMC Dine-In Theatres in Central Phoenix looks just about ready for its grand opening next week.

The upscale cineplex on the second level of The Esplanade will open its doors to Valley moviegoers on September 7. 

The location has been closed since May while the interior underwent renovation. The result is a transformation into a stylish cinema designed around a "dinner and a movie" concept. 

Plush seating's replaced the old stadium-style chairs, the lobby's become a nightclub-like restaurant and bar called MacGuffins (read more on Chow Bella), and designers installed a tony décor scheme.

The location will be similar in many respects to such ritzy dine-in moviehouses as the iPic Theatres in North Scottsdale, where patrons watch blockbusters will sipping on premium drinks, wine by the bottle, or feasting on haute cuisine.

Tickets for the theatres will be slightly more expensive (typically starting at around $14) than at other Valley cineplexes, reservations will be required, and screenings are open to moviegoers 18-and-over.

Nine of the location's 14 auditoriums have been outfitted as the more casual "Fork and Screen" theatres, featuring foldaway tray tables where patrons can feast on edibles available in the lobby. Meanwhile, five of the smaller auditoriums have become more intimate "Cinema Suites" that will offer posh recliners and a more high-end menu of food and drinks for the 21-and-over crowd.

Personalized service from waitstaff will also be available in any of the auditoriums, allowing moviegoers to get their refreshments without leaving their seats.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.