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Artspace on Sixth in Scottsdale Moves/Changes Name to Method Art

Pardon Davin Lavikka if he repeats "location" three times when asked why he moved Artspace on Sixth. That's because he's seen a lot more foot traffic since posting up on Scottsdale's North Marshall Way earlier this summer.

"We were the largest gallery in Scottsdale, but the area we were in was really low foot traffic," says Lavikka, referring to the gallery's former location on East Sixth Avenue across from Geisha A Go Go. "Even for the summer, the new space has seen a huge increase [in visitors]."

Along with the move to 4142 North Marshall Way, Lavikka changed the name of the gallery to Method Art, mostly because he's been wanting to for a while. Since he's a professional photographer himself, he has also shifted the space's focus to include more photography-based shows and classes.

An upcoming example, scheduled to hang from Sept. 1 through Sept. 30, is "The Sultans of Sand." The exhibit will showcase color images from Los Angeles-based shutterbug Jonathan Brandstein, who documented scenes from the Festival Au Desert near Timbuktu, Mali, West Africa.

Method also plans to offer alternative-process photography courses. The first one on the docket, starting in late November/early December, is a collodion wet-plate workshop with a focus on ambrotypes .

For more information, visit In the meantime, check out some more images of Method:

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