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ASU International Artist Residency Program at Combine Studios Receives $144K

Mo' money, mo' art.

At least that's how things go for the The Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS). The federal program that supports 123,000 libraries and 35,000 museums across the country has just awarded a $144,000 grant to the ASU Art Museum.

ASU will apply the newly acquired funds to its three-year-old International Artist Residency Program at Combine Studios in downtown Phoenix.

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The IMLS grant will allow ASU to select three new artists from the around world and commission them to develop art projects that engage the general public, including exhibitions, publications, performances, and lectures.

Of course, this creative endeavor by ASU will be as much about bringing art to the community as will be about bringing the community to the arts. The commissioned artists will have to team up and share their creative process with social service agencies, university departments, as well as Arizona residents and students.

"Our visiting artists engage in cross-departmental collaborations and socially embedded projects that have tangible impact on the region, empowering communities and advancing critical reappraisals of some of this generation's most pressing challenges," says ASU Art Museum director Gordon Knox in a press release issued Friday, September 19.

To learn more about ASU Art Museum's recently awarded grant or its International Artist Residency Program at Combine Studios, visit

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